Both of our units are in full swing in the drama classroom! Grade 8 students have spent the past 2 weeks answering our factual question “what is improv?” in theory, but also in practice. They have learned how to accept the ideas of scene partners (or say “yes”), how to advance scenes through detailed statements and questions, and how to make offers to their fellow actors through strong vocal and physical choices. Next week, we will focus on how to create  improv scenes using the 5-step scene structure and continue our work on generating creative and innovative ideas.

In grade 9, students have been learning traditional melodrama gestures, as well as creating their own new gestures. We have also begun work on portraying stock characters such as the hero and villain through voice, body language and facial expression. Students have begun using their transfer skills to create short skits using melodrama stock characters and gestures. We will continue this work next week, while also discussing the components of the melodrama plot structure.

Overall, it has been a successful first few weeks in the theatre classroom. Stay tuned for the next update! 🙂

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