Grade 6 Assessment

After learning about stage skills (voice, movement, exaggeration, emotion and stage positioning) and 5-step story structure (setting, characters, problem, stakes, solution), it is finally time to put it all together! Grade 6 students have begun their first major assessment, which involves writing, rehearsing and performing a short play for the class using all of the skills we have learned throughout the unit. The main goal of this performance is effective communication with the audience.

Here are the students hard at work writing script outlines:

White Horse Theatre

On Tuesday, Europe-based theatre company White Horse Theatre visited CISB and performed one of their original plays The Dark Lord and the White Witch for all grade 6 Theatre Arts classes. This company specializes in educational theatre and travels all around the world performing for students from nursery to grade 12. The students were treated to a one-hour performance by four talented actors and then had the opportunity to ask the performers questions about the play and their careers in theatre. To top off a great morning, each homeroom class got their picture taken with the actors up on stage. The performance was a fantastic addition to the expanding Theatre Arts Program at CISB!

Check out the photos below, taken by the CISB IT Department:

New Grade 8 Unit – Physical Theatre

Grade 8 students are tackling a new form of theatre this week: physical theatre. Today we discussed status and how we show status relationships on stage through body language, gesture, mime, levels and voice. Students took part in a drama activity that uses numbers on cards to indicate a character’s status. All students were given a card, but instructed not to look at the number. Students then interacted using only body language/ mime (and later, voice), treating people according to their status. As students gained an understanding of their own statuses through other students’ physical interactions with them, they took on the traits of a character with his or her assumed status. Students were then asked to arrange themselves in order from lowest to highest status. This was an excellent exercise to demonstrate how our physicality and vocal choices play a key role in portraying a status relationship on stage.

This activity was adapted from the following two websites: