The musical classic “Godspell” delighted three packed audiences with songs, dances and laughter! This show was a highly energetic musical-comedy that re-told stories and lessons from the Book of Matthew. While inspired by religious text as its source, this show was for EVERYONE: all ages, all backgrounds, and all tastes! Above all, “Godspell” is a heart-warming story about the building of a community and about the shared values that bring people together – tolerance, forgiveness, friendship and love.
This show was fun for the whole family, with hilarious scenes, unforgettable characters and of course amazing music. Songs include worldwide hits “Day by Day”, “Bless the Lord” and many others! And even better – this was CISB StageCats’ first musical production using a LIVE BAND onstage!
Actors and musicians spent hours each week in rehearsals, while technical and backstage crews worked collaboratively for months to ensure high production value in terms of lights, sound, projections, props, costumes and set pieces. In total, over 50 students from our school were involved in the many aspects of this production of “Godspell”.
The students and teachers of CISB StageCats are truly grateful for the amazing support this show received from our school community. Thank you so much!