Grade 8 students have been continuing to explore the theatrical style of improv through a variety of improv games and performances, and have become very familiar with using the 5-step scene structure to frame their improv scenes. Currently, we are shifting our focus to improv and its connection to everyday life by addressing questions such as: How can we use improv performances to demonstrate real-life situations? How can improv skills help us in our everyday lives? Soon, we will learn how to teach life skills through improv. This exploration is leading to the final summative assessment, which will follow the service learning framework. Using content from Grade 6 interviews, Grade 8 students will create improvised, real-life situations on stage, as well as teach mini lessons related to improv and life skills. More details to come!

In grade 9, students have answered the question “what is a genre?” by learning about the melodrama genre in depth. They’ve covered melodrama elements such as asides, stock characters, 3P plot structure and melodrama gestures. Students are now addressing the question “how do the techniques of a genre transfer through time?” by applying melodrama elements and techniques to a modern movie or TV show and presenting their findings to the class. This presentation is an excellent use of transfer skills. The unit will culminate in a “Modern Melodrama” performance – for this summative assessment, students will write an original melodrama script set in present day and create a live performance or short film.

Another exciting thing happening in both grade 8 and 9 theatre classes is the integration of VR! For more information on our VR lessons, as well as future plans for VR and theatre at CISB, click here: VR and Theatre

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