On September 20th, 22nd & 23rd, 2016, CISB Stage Cats performed the play “Selfie” by Bradley Hayward. This was a unique theatrical experience for both performers and audiences. This show was the first small-cast production for the school’s drama program, with only 8 cast members, each taking on a leading role. “Selfie” tells a variety of emotional stories about young people’s lives – exploring mature topics like sickness, divorce and body image. All 8 actors remained onstage for the entire play, allowing the audience to connect with them for the entirety of the performance. To match the personal tone of these stories, the CISB Auditorium was used in a new, intimate way. The audience members sat onstage, under the lights alongside the characters themselves. This allowed for a close bond between actors and viewers, and limited the audience to only 40 people per show. “Selfie” was a great success, playing to full crowds who were totally engaged in and enthralled by this unique show which proved that “life is not about what other people think; it’s about the picture you have of yourself.”