“Nothing but the Truth” premiered last weekend on the CISB Auditorium stage! On November 25th and 26th, the CISB StageCats presented this original and heartfelt play to packed houses of enthusiastic audience members.  After months of tireless work and dedication to perfect their character development and acting skills, the cast delivered a truly remarkable performance – bringing more energy and excitement than we have ever seen before at our school. This play was written originally for the talented student performers of CISB StageCats and they brought the script to life with passion that surpassed all expectations. The trial of Elizabeth Warren – a girl accused of supernatural abilities – hooked in audiences of adults and children alike. Plus, these onstage performances were bolstered by countless hours of hard work by our backstage team responsible for the brilliant lighting design, the gorgeous costumes and the terrific set pieces – all of which helped to set the tone for an amazing show.  In total, over 40 students from Grade 6 to 12 were involved in producing “Nothing but the Truth”.  The entire school community is extremely proud of these students for working together to create such an outstanding production that spread an important message about honesty, hope and tolerance for everyone.