Have you ever wondered what it’s like backstage before the big show?  The CISB StageCats invite you to join them behind the red curtain for a unique theatre experience:

A mysterious group of backstage spirits haunting the auditorium…

A stressful stage-manager making sure everything’s ready to go…

A dreamy director giving instructions no one understands…

And two actors who just can’t get their perfect KISS…

Will they be able to perfect their love story before the curtain opens?

Join us in the wings of the CISB Auditorium to find out on September 20th, 22nd and 23rd!

CISB StageCats are very proud to present…“Waiting in the Wings” – a collaborative piece created and work-shopped by CISB students! Get your tickets from the Front Desk in the lobby starting Monday, September 4th.

See you backstage!

WITW - Poster 1WITW - Sean Poster A3WITW Poster - Bella A3

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