Last Thursday, Grade 7 students performed monologues for their Interdisciplinary Unit Behind the Mask. This performance was the culmination of many weeks of hard work in both English class and Drama class.

For this assessment, each student explored the inner and outer persona of his/ her chosen character by writing a monologue from the character’s perspective (from texts Antigone, Iqbal, or Smile). After writing their masterpieces, students rehearsed their monologues in Drama class, focusing on mask skills such as exaggeration, slow/ clean movement, isolation, and audience contact.

The monologue performances were a great success! Students performed for their fellow classmates, teachers and parents. Performing solo is not an easy task, and we are beyond proud of the courage and poise students showed on stage. We are also impressed that the Grade 7s tackled such a complex, challenging assignment. Great work everyone! 🙂

Check out some of the monologues below:

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