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Godspell Cast List

After a short mid-winter break, the StageCats are back and ready to tackle their spring musical Godspell. Over the past couple of weeks, students have been taking part in auditions, callbacks and initial rehearsals. We are very excited to be working on such a classic musical, and even more excited to announce that we will have a live student rock band for this production! #StageCatsdoGodspell

Here is the final cast, crew and band list!

godspell cast listgodspell cast list 2

Grade 8 – Formative Assessment – Story Improv

All grade 8 students recently completed a formative performance assessment, which required students to perform an improvised scene using all the improv skills covered in class, as well as incorporate a narrator. This challenging performance will prepare students for their summative assessment performances, which will begin next week! For more detail on the assessment, take a look at the guidelines below. Yes And - Formative Assessment Task - Improv Skills

Sweeney Todd at CISB this October

From legendary Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim, “Sweeney Todd” is a dark comedy that tells the thrilling story of a mad-man barber returning to his home of London after years of imprisonment. Sweeney has only one goal: to seek revenge on the evil Judge Turpin, who tore apart his family. Along his bloodthirsty quest, Sweeney finds an unlikely partner in Mrs. Lovett, the eccentric owner of a failing pie shop. Together, they concoct an ingenious plan that allows Sweeney to continue to murderous rampage while bringing a new and exciting “flavor” to Mrs. Lovett’s pies. The result is one you will have to see to believe and perhaps taste for yourself! 

Sweeney Todd plays in the CISB Auditorium on October 25th, 26th and 27th at 7pm. Tickets are available beginning on October 8th and are 30 RMB for students and 50 RMB for adults. Please be aware that this production is rated PG-13 for violence and mature content.

For a behind-the-scenes look at our journey to opening night, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @cisbstagecats and check out our hashtags #SweeneyStageCats and #CISBStageCats.

We hope you all attend the tale of Sweeney Todd! See you on Fleet Street…

Sweeney Poster 1

Provocation, Pangs, Penalty

Grade 9 students are in the midst of their unit Drama Queens which focuses on melodrama style. Today, students performed a melodrama script in 3 parts, following the melodrama plot structure: provocation, pangs and penalty. Next, students will be introduced to melodrama stock characters!

Here are some pictures of the performance…

PROVOCATION: The villain is provokedIMG_3671

PANGS: The good characters suffer at the hands of evil (the villain)IMG_1220

PENALTY: The villain is defeated. Good triumphs over evil. IMG_0089

StageCats’ 5th Season Begins!

It’s a special year for the StageCats as they begin their 5th season of productions! 🙂

In true StageCats style, the season kicked off with a fun-filled performance at the ASA Fair, complete with smoke machine, confetti cannon, teletubbies and neon. We are beyond excited to share another amazing year of theatre with the CISB Community! Take a quick peek behind the curtain (Video Cred: Bella, Gr. 10):


StageCats’ first general meeting will be on Monday, September 10th at 1pm in Ms. Knowles’ classroom E213. At this meeting, details about the November/ December production will be revealed, and new and returning StageCats will find out about auditions, roles, schedules and the many ways to be a part of the StageCats family!

Rehearsals are already underway for StageCats’ first production of the year, Sweeney Todd: School Edition, which hits the stage on October 25th, 26th, 27th at 7pm. This small-cast show is enrichment for seasoned StageCats who are ready to take on a new challenge! Check out a snippet from rehearsal below:


If you would like to keep up with the StageCats this year, follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @cisbstagecats 

You can also check out our general hashtag: #CISBStageCats or our current show hashtag: #SweeneyStageCats. 

If you are interested in checking out posts from last year’s shows, here are the hashtags:

-The Wizard of Oz#TheStageCatsOfOZ
-Waiting in the Wings#StageCatsintheWings

Also, visit our bulletin board on the 1st floor by the lecture theatre for a look back at the previous 4 years of productions and for a sneak peek at what’s next…


Here’s to a wonderful 5th season. See you in the theatre!



Back At It!

After a 2-month summer vacation, we are back to business in the CISB Theatre Arts classroom! Grade 8 and 9 students have been taking part in a a series of fun, high-energy icebreakers, activities and games, as well as reviewing basic stage skills through performance. Now that we are back in drama mode, students are ready to dive into their first units – Improv for Grade 8 and Melodrama for Grade 9. Take a look at our first two weeks below! 🙂 And don’t forget to check out our MYP Theatre hashtag: #CISBtheatrearts

Rehearsals in Grade 6

All Grade 6 students are hard at work on their original plays! This assessment is the culmination of our unit “Is Anybody Out There” which focuses on stage skills and story structure. Play topics range from an evil principal enforcing ridiculous rules to bank heist to traveling back to the time of the dinosaurs. It is sure to be an entertaining week of performances!

Drama Queens

On Tuesday, March 13th, 9Young performed two original short melodrama plays, The Secret Life of CISB Students and Spotlight to an audience of grade 6, 9 and 10 students. After learning all about melodrama conventions (such as stock characters and asides) in our unit Drama Queens, students were given the task of creating a modern-day melodrama. This allowed them to further explore our statement of inquiry, “the techniques and systems of a genre can transfer through time and space”. The performers received very positive feedback from audience members. Fantastic work, 9Young!

Solo Performances – Behind the Mask

Last Thursday, March 8th, all grade 7 students performed solo for the interdisciplinary unit Behind the Mask (Theatre, English Language & Literature and English Language Acquisition). Students were challenged to write original pieces from the perspective of a character from American Born Chinese or Iqbal, showing both the inner and outer personas of the charactersStudents then rehearsed these original works in theatre class, using mask performance skills to convey the different sides of their chosen character’s personality.

Students performed to their peers, as well as parents and teachers. It was great to see so much support from the CISB community! All grade 7 students should be proud of the hard work they put into bringing these characters to life through mask. Well done!